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Battlax R10


  • True racing performance


    It’s time to take it up a notch with the latest version Battlax Racing R10 EVO. Revolutionary construction and compound technologies combine to push your bike well beyond the limits.


  • Unbelievable cornering speed


    Want to power in, through and out of corners like they weren’t even there? Trust Bridgestone’s most advanced MotoGP™ technology to straighten you out.


  • Superlative handling


    Just when you thought you knew the meaning of precision control, Bridgestone redefines the whole concept. Extra cornering grip at the front and greater consistency at the rear let you master your bike like never before.


  • Untold flexibility


    Do you want the edge of more line choices, earlier clipping points and faster exits? You got it! Trust the Battlax R10 EVO to come up with the grip you need, precisely when you need it.


  • Consistent response


    Develop the trust and confidence you need to really push the bounds of your bike and the track. Thanks to consistent traction grip across the whole temperature range. With longer tyre life as an added bonus

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