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Location: /Cleaning Products/Unlimited Passion

Unlimited Passion Thunderbolt Cleaning Wipes 80 Wipes

 THUNDERBOLT is a single product to take care of every surface* whether internal or external of your Car, Bike, Scooter or any vehicle intended for land sea or air. 


It cleans, shines and protects all surfaces.
It Saves time, no need to spend time unloading the garage of potions and cleaning accessories.
There is no equipment required. You can use THUNDERBOLT anywhere.
No risk of scratching or damaging vehicle when used correctly.
No need for water, buckets, sponges or jet washer.
THUNDERBOLT will deposit a Polymer Protective Coating that makes cleaning even easier next time.
This protective coat is heat resistant meaning it will not become tacky and go dull like wax can, or smoke and create fumes from hot surfaces.

What can I use THUNDERBOLT for?

  • Removing insect debris.
  • Removing tar spots.
  • Cleaning white walled tyres.
  • Degreasing surfaces, such as engine bays, chains, swingarms and so on.
  • Providing a dirt and water repellent layer, which provides increased protection and visibility on wind screen and visors.
  • Removing stubborn brake dust deposits from rims without harming the alloy, varnish, or paints.
  • Protecting bodywork and other surfaces by depositing an invisible anti-fouling film, providing protection from nature.
  • THUNDERBOLT cleans leather & leatherette, without making it slippery. 
  • You can even clean carpets, other interior textiles and alcantara

Why THUNDERBOLT saves time:

  1. No need to spend time setting up equipment.
  2. No foam, suds or wet feet!
  3. No time spent filling and emptying buckets.
  4. No need to unpack and use endless cleaning products.
  5. No drying time, or need to apply coats of different products.
  6. No need for unscheduled trips out to top up on the one product you need!
  7. No need for a high-pressure cleaning machine or fancy tools / gadgets.
  8. No space requirements (cleaning possible in street, in small garage, at work, at a show)

How to use

  1. Take a THUNDERBOLT cloth from the tub.
  2. Fold it in half and put it flat on the palm of your hand. 
  3. Caress the surface without rubbing. When the surface becomes slippery, you can slightly increase the pressure if  needed. 
  4. Always proceed by small area at a time without scrubbing, move in slight circles. (to prevent swirling)
  5. The THUNDERBOLT cloth traps the particles while cleaning, and applies a film on the surface to protect it. 
  6. Follow with the THUNDERBOLT Technical Microfibre, making a swift , light circular movement without pressing. 
  7. Our Technical Microfibre is not used to clean, just to finish the surface : the result is brilliant!!
  8. The swift motion is to create friction which bonds the protective coat to the surface.

Average product use:
Scooter: 1-2 wipes
Motorcycle: 2-3 wipes
Medium Car: 5-6 wipes.

In case of wet weather, allow the vehicle to dry somewhat so the powerful THUNDERBOLT solution is not diluted.

*We obviously do not recommend using THUNDERBOLT on braking systems or tyre tread.

Price: £32.99 £29.00

Part No: UPTB80

In stock