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Location: /Batteries/BC Batteries

BC Lithium Batteries BCTX5L-FP-S LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery HJTX5L-FP-S / YTX4L-BS / YTX5L-BS / YTZ5S


The LiFePO4 BCTX5L-FP-S lithium motorcycle battery replaces the following lead-acid batteries: YTX4L-BS - YTX5L-BS - YTZ5S. Corresponding lithium battery codes: HJTX5L-FP-SI - LTX5L-BS - HJTZ5S-FP - LITX5L - MM-ION-1. The BC LITHIUM batteries are ultralight (they weigh up to 80% less than the corresponding lead-acid batteries) and guarantee higher performance and higher cranking current (up to 50 times the battery capacity). They are particularly convenient for motor racing on track. They have a longer lifespan (around 2000 charge / discharge cycles) and can be recharged quickly.. BC LITHIUM BATTERIES are safe, and non-polluting: they do not contain acids or heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury), they are not combustible or explosive, there is no risk of acid leakage. When the battery is disconnected from the vehicle, it keeps the charge for a long time, thanks to the reduced self-discharge of lithium batteries. If the battery remains installed on the motorcycle, we recommend a regular maintenance with a specific battery charger (for example BC DUETTO).. .. BCTX5L-FP-S is a lithium starting battery, suitable for Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Snowmobile, Lawnmower and Watercraft.. The BC range allows a simple installation without any risk for the less experienced user: . Protection against overcharge / overheating of the battery. Protection against battery poles inversion. Protection against permanent short circuit. Thermal protection against overheating. It does not require the battery to be disconnected from the vehicle. No interference with the vehicle's on-board electronics. Laboratory tests ensure the construction of products in compliance with current legislation on safety and electromagnetic compatibility.. Package contents: . - The BCTX5L-FP-S lithium-iron-phosphate battery, equipped with LED INDICATOR of the battery state of charge and BMS system for charge balancing management; . - the protective cap for the positive pole of the battery; . - the screws and nuts necessary for the installation; . - the user manual.

Price: £69.00 £59.00

Part No: BCTX5L-FP-S

In stock